'People mistakenly feel that appearing on 'Bigg Boss' will help them get film deals,' explains Shariq Hassan

Shariq Hassan has never been one to seek inspiration outside of his house. The 26-year-old is the son of actor pair Riyaz Khan and Uma Riyaz, and in terms of health, he follows in his parents' footsteps. "I've been doing it (exercise) since I was in kindergarten. "Fitness was never an'addition' to my regimen," he explains over the phone from Chennai. Read this article for more info about Bigg Boss 15 Full Episode.

The actor never misses a workout, and the several fitness videos he shared to Instagram during the lockdown served to boost his social media presence. Now, the former Bigg Boss Tamil participant is getting ready to make her big screen debut in Mohan Dhandayudhapani's Kaalam Neram Kadhal mini-series.

It's a romantic comedy, to be sure. There are five episodes in total, each lasting 15-20 minutes. Sherin (Sreenidhi Sudarshan) and Ron (Hassan) had been best friends since they were children.

Ron goes to Sherin's for a brief visit to distract himself from the traumatizing, but then he gets locked out. The plot centres around their relationship and how they communicate their feelings to one another.

Isn't Putham Pudhu Kaalai the same as this?

Yes, now that you mention it... but before Putham Pudhu Kaalai began filming, we shot it on a modest scale at a friend's house near my house. We are hoping that others who have had comparable experiences under lockdown would be able to relate to the story.

Has your time on Bigg Boss helped you advance in your career?

It does draw a lot of attention to you, and it's similar to watching a TV show where everyone is watching at the same time. Bigg Boss makes it simpler to find a job in advertising or the film industry, but it does not guarantee employment.

After all, it's a game show. Unfortunately, the bulk of folks that audition for Bigg Boss have dreams of becoming famous in the film industry.

In your case, we haven't seen you in a film since Pencil (2016)...

Before auditioning for Bigg Boss 2 in 2018, I worked for Pencil for four and a half years. Since that show, I've been looking for the appropriate opportunities to come my way. There will be two updates by the end of the year, one of which will be an OTT film in which I will star.

Is there a chance factor at work in this situation?

Take a look at Harish Kalyan's Bigg Boss fan page. It isn't going to appeal to everyone. Yes, I come from a family of filmmakers, and yes, my path has been paved as a result. I must, however, prove my worth. Contacts are still vital in the film industry, thus it doesn't matter if you look well or are a good fit for a role.